Doug Sutton

Dog Specialist

Doug Sutton is your Dog Specialist.  Doug has been working for the shelter since 2011.  He plays and gives the dogs attention as if they were all his.  As you can tell passion for animals runs in the family!

Cora Sutton

Shelter coordinator/ CAT SPECIALIST

Since 2013, Amy has been the go to person for all of the shelters online needs.  Posting animals for adoption, showing you funny pictures and valuable information.  She also provides email support when other staff members can't.  You can reach Amy anytime via email:

Amy Quintana

Online Pet advocate

For over 10 years, Cora Sutton has worked tirelessly to ensure that each and every dog and cat adopted from the Jackson County Humane Society goes to a good home.  In those 10 plus years, Cora has gone from Cat Specialist to Shelter Manager.